Monday, June 25, 2007

Painting of first Brigade

I have just finised painting my first brigade. I just have to do some flocking and place them on to there stands. I hope to have pics in the near future.

So here are completed the Snow Leopards.


Bluebear Jeff said...

That's great! I presume that you'll have them on Sunday to lead the forces of the North against those of Mieczyslaw.

I'm looking forward to the pictures (as well as the one with your flag.)

Will you have any Generals ready for Sunday as well? Oh, and please send me some names if you've decided on them yet.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Look forward to seeing pics.

MurdocK said...

The Duchy of Mieczyslaw will stand ready on the field to face your fresh units with our veterans!

abdul666 said...

Hi Nordic!
Looking forward for pics, of course! Perhaps the first to be published will be part of a photo report of this sunday 'Tricorne Wars' battle? (description of the OOB on is mouthwatering). Players themselves are generally too busy to take pics, so mobilise wife, girlfriend or children!

But, while waiting for pics - specially for units still only at the design stage!- , to create for each (actual or intended) unit an 'identification sheet' illustrated by 1 specific flag + 1 uniform (as currently done in an exemplary way by the ruler of Hesse-Engelburg) is probably the best way to visualize (for yourself, at first perhaps to try & test designs) and then share with us the appeareance of your creations . Those ID sheets will still usefully complement photos of the same units 'en masse' once the painting done.

Best wishes & enjoyable battle!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Jean-Louis, for this battle the bulk of Nordic's troops will be some of my GNW forces.

He has finished his first infantry unit (and is working away on his second -- but doubts it will be ready in time for tomorrow's game).

I will pretty much just be watching the game and taking notes on whatever rule problems/questions/omissions pop up . . . but I'll try to remember to take my camera.

Hmmm, that probably means that I should re-charge the batteries for it, doesn't it?

-- Jeff