Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The easy part

The easy part of painting the minis is done. Now comes the crosseyed detail.

AHHHHHHHHHH. Just thought i would get that done now.


Bluebear Jeff said...


You've been added to "Emperor vs Elector" now.

So, since the "easy part" of painting is done, how about a picture or two?

-- Jeff

Nordic said...

Check out the pics. this is the beginning.

I still have to post then add pics.

Pete of the Frozen North

Bluebear Jeff said...

Amazing, I return just a short time later and pictures have appeared!

Actually once figures are primed, then you can really gain progress with even odd periods of painting. But if they are not primed, then you can't paint even if you want to do so.

I'm looking forward to seeing your troops gain their uniforms.

-- Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein

MurdocK said...

Jeff, I have been working with Pete on postings to the blog...for some reason pictures are not 'going in' with the first edit of postings.

SO if you see a text posting that is only a few minutes old and mentioning pics that are not there it means that the pics are being edited in, since that is the only way to get the posting and pictures onto the blogger system for Pete and I right now...

tidders said...

Nice to see your army starting to come together

Allan (Wittenberg)

abdul666 said...

Your Highness the Duke Pete of the Frozen North,
what about patronizing a talentuous artist (such as the one who did such service to Saxe-Bearstein ) to do full-color, if schematic, drawings of your army?
Nothing better to keep us watching, and yourself feeling encouraged, while the painting goes on...

Nordic said...

Jeff of Saxe-Bearstein and I will be doing a paint day after he gets his new place in order